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Case: Stafford for Sproles & Schaub

Case Facts... Sproles and Shaub for Stafford. League blocked the trade siting: "commissioner and at least one other team objected to trade saying Stafford for Sproles is unfair, said it would receiving team too much". Fantasy Football Arbitration Ruling: RULING:

This is actually a very common dispute. The other managers in the league feel a trade is "not fair". Well, guess what, a trade is only supposed to be fair to the parties making the deal not the other managers! That's the whole point of a trade, for manager A and B to improve their teams, not make them worse.

This is not to say every trade should be accepted, because collusion and league balance need to be taken into consideration. There is clearly no collusion as the other managers have not made this claim. In terms of league balance, this is clearly the issue in this case.

But I am quite surprised managers would call this trade "unfair" as it's a pretty straight forward offer. A quality QB for a subpar QB and mid to upper tier RB (who is considered top tier because on New Orleans and is having a good start).

Most importantly, you can't look at just the players involved, you must look at the whole picture and team A has 4 great running backs, two of which are wasted on the bench and a sub par quarterback. Of course it's okay to over pay an expendable RB to get a QB when you are in that situation. Meanwhile team B has a good backup QB and needs an RB with Bradshaw hurt, so both teams come out ahead as they should.

Ruling: Accept Trade