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Q. Upon submission of a case, how long does it take to receive a judgment?
A. Within 24 hours upon submission of both parties dispute arguments a judgment will be handed down. In some cases, an "emergency"  case might need more immediate attention and ruling. In that case a ruling can be made within hours of submission via conference call.

Q. What is the process of an Arbitration Case?
A. Step one is filling out the Submit Case information, presenting the initial dispute to the Following submission of a case, an arbitrator will contact both parties including a third party and/or the commissioner to gather all the facts and hear everyone arguments. Whether by phone or email, this will be your chance to give your side of the story. The arbitrator may follow up with either party to clarify or offer a chance for rebuttal. Once this process has been completed a written judgment resolving the case will be handed down.

Q. What types of disputes does resolve?
A. All sorts of disputes, not just trade disputes.  Dispute resolution includes rule interpretations, wire or free agent transaction errors, draft disputes or anything else that cannot be reasonably agreed upon between league managers or determined by the commissioner.

Q. Who makes the ruling and what “expertise” does have?
A. There are a lot of fantasy sports dispute websites out there that call themselves “fantasy sports experts” and these sites list how long they have played fantasy sports and their league records. This is ridiculous and does not make for a “fantasy sports expert”. At we are baseball experts. We understand player’s values, team values and fantasy sport league dynamics. Our panel of arbitrators will analyze the facts, discuss and thoroughly research every dispute before issuing a well-thought out decision.


Q. How is the Arbitration decision enforced?
A. When a case is submitted to our arbitrators, both parties as well as the commissioner must agree to uphold the decision.


Q. What happens if I am not happy with the dispute, is there a court of appeals?
A. YES! is the ONLY dispute resolution service that offers a Supreme Court of appeals.


Q. Do you offer arbitration for other fantasy sports?
A. YES! For Fantasy Baseball visit, Click Here