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Fantasy Football is your answer for any fantasy football related disputes. Whether trade, transaction or league rule based, Fantasy Football is here to resolve your fantasy sports debate fairly, quickly and finally.  There is too much on the line, your pride and cash is at stake, so make sure your dispute is ruled upon fairly, appropriately and effectively.


"Because a friendship is worth more than $14.95."

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Case: Stafford for Sproles & Schaub

Case Facts... Sproles and Shaub for Stafford. League blocked the trade siting: "commissioner and at least one other team objected to trade saying Stafford for Sproles is unfair, said it would receiving team too much". Fantasy Football Arbitration Ruling:
Dispute Ruling: Rodgers for Schaub/Holmes/Lynch

In most fantasy trade disputes, managers argue what is "fair" based on only the players involved, as if the trade is an isolated event.  However, this is not the correct way to evaluate a trade.  The essence of a trade is whether it makes both teams better.  This could very well mean that a team who trades Aaron Rodgers for a defense is a good trade if the team trading the defense has Tom Brady as a back up and has no defense (with the defense being the one missing piece for his team to be successful), anyways with that being said:

Snake Drafts: Fantasy Baseball Strategy

For those of you that have not had much success playing fantasy baseball or are just getting started playing fantasy baseball for the first time, there is different strategy that goes into playing snake drafts (where picks go 1-15 and then back 15-1) or in an auction format.

Why Fantasy Baseball Auction Formats

Well if you are anything like me as the time for celebrating your fantasy football championships and grumbling over how close you came in other leagues comes to an end you look at the 8 month span before the next football season and realize there is only one thing to be happy about.  It’s time for some Fantasy Baseball.  I’m sure there are plenty of your hard core players that consider this a year round thing and I have nothing against that but for the majority in the fantasy field we know this is more of a sport to sport game.

2011 Fantasy Baseball Strategy: Keeper Leagues Draft Format

With fantasy baseball drafts only a month or two away, it is time to start preparing for your fantasy baseball keeper league draft. There are several more challenges that go into getting prepared for a keeper league than there is in doing an annual draft that starts new each season.

Case: Devil's Reject vs. r kelly's golden club vip

League rules stipulate that a roster must be entered properly for teams to earn points for the week. While running a "test" for an upcoming rookie draft, Commissioner (r kelly's golden club vip), had accidently set his line-up in error.  The commissioner argues that at 1am while running the test, he didn't realize that the rosters automatically set.  Devil's Reject (DR) argues that this is not the case and that not only does a warning clearly state a roster is not set properly, but also the rosters sets at 5 min before each game rather than at 1am.


Historically in this league the Commissioner has been very strict in upholding league rules and this particular roster rule. In this case, however, the roster slots that were in error were not materialistic to the outcome of the week points.



Because the roster slots in error were not materialistic to the outcome of the week's points (the roster slots affected were reserve slots), ruling is in favor of the Commissioner. FBA's ruling comes with a warning to the Commissioner, who with this new precident shall amend the roster rule to account for non-factorial roster errors as not to affect a teams weekly points. FBA is giving the Commissioner the benefit of the doubt and suggests in the future that he does the same in his league when league rules are disputed.

Case: Sprewell vs. League

Myers Park Rotisserie Baseball League

Type: Rotisserie

Teams: 8, NL only, 5x5, Keeper League

League Rules: you can keep 12 players a year, salary remains constant for 2 years, then increases by $5 per year if the owner decides to keep the player.

Case: Drunken Sprewell vs. League Owners

The Great Fantasy League Debate

When starting your fantasy baseball league there are a lot of rules to debate, but it is important to get these out early so that you have a smooth season. It is a good idea for a fantasy league of managers that have been with each other for a few season to enter into a written constitution. Here is a comprehensive list of items to discuss during preseason to ensure a lot solid league.

Say It Ain't So Garrett
Written by Charles Dimino

Every year in fantasy you are going to get a dud or two in your draft.  Guys taper off after long careers, have season ending injuries, or just have plain terrible years.  It is just a fact of fantasy baseball life.  For me, however, there is one man that sucked the life out of my (and a whole lot of other people’s) team this year.  His name is Garrett Atkins.
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