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Jay Bruce Player Profile
Written by Keith Giordano

Jay Bruce Player Profile

Must Read Draft Day Tips
Written by Randy Marquis

On draft day, you need to be the man (or woman) with a plan. You need to rank players, both overall and by position. You need to scour the trade publications and websites for nuggets about up-and-coming rookies and down-and-out former stars. You need to load up on the carbs and be prepared for the marathon that is your league's draft day...

..and then you need to be prepared to scrap it all and improvise.

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Draft vs. Auctions
Written by Casey Gaetano

There are two ways to select a fantasy baseball team—drafts and auctions.  While you could, technically, allow the pre-rankings of fantasy websites to automatically conduct this process, playing fantasy baseball without actually picking your team is equivalent to playing drinking games without beer: Not Fun.  Consequently, you should plan to select your team “live”, though the two methods of doing so differ considerably.  
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Pitching Draft Analysis

Let’s keep this simple. When assembling a staff of hurlers for your fantasy squad, in most standard leagues you have to keep in mind ERA, strikeouts, WHIP, wins and saves. Regardless of the pitching categories your league commish has determined, drafting pitchers who excel in at least three of these five categories will undoubtedly help your chances of playing in September for your league title. Not every league is standard though. Aside from rewarding complete games, most of the other pitching categories are a redundancy upon WHIP or ERA (batting average against, on base percentage against, runs allowed, hits allowed, BB allowed to name a few). Another option is to punish the heck out of people for accumulating losses.

I Hate You Austin Kearns
Written by Charles Dimino

The year was 2005, and there was a young right fielder I had my eye on in the draft.  He was primed to hit for average, power, and have solid run producer.  Not to mention, he hit in a ballpark that has since started to turn Aaron Harang’s goatee grey.  Austin Kearns, however, did not quite work out as planned.

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