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Sleeper Pitchers in the Draft
Written by Gregory Paget

In a standard 5x5 league draft, the list of guys who can help you in all pitching categories (W, ERA, K, WHIP, S) is a short one.  Last I checked I saw it was a big, fat goose egg’s worth.  My apologies to Smoltzie and The Eck, but even they didn’t put all 5 together successfully in one season. If you’re looking to round out your staff with guys that will excel in at least 3 categories, read on for some sleepers you may have missed…

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 11 March 2009 08:37 )
MLB '09 Prospect Report
Written by Gregory Paget

Being a stat rat, of course I enjoy musing at the future possibility of having a team built around the finest, young baseball athletes out there and thereby giving the illusion that I have a brain.  Tin Man dreams aside, drafting a team chock full of fantasy ineligible kids will get you nothing better than a dead last finish in your league. 2010 and 2011 are a ways off and with nearly a thousand players set to make time on MLB rosters this year, I find it senseless to start bragging about a 401K...err…prospect that may never quite mature. The following lineup may not all be able to join you for a legal cocktail, but these guys are sure to make some sort of impact in 2009.

Last Updated ( Monday, 09 March 2009 18:29 )
Draft Sleepers
Written by Gregory Paget



Sleep-er (n) Someone or something unpromising or unnoticed that suddenly attains prominence or value.

The key words for our purposes here are unnoticed and value. There’s somewhere between fourteen and ninety-two different reasons why you’ll be playing for your league championship come September. The first is luck. The second is more luck. The third is luckily avoiding injuries to your core group of stars. The fourth is waiver wire luck. The fifth is the ability to look beyond the obvious names that’ll be gone in the first ten rounds on draft day and spotting the sleepers. The sixth might be skill, but I’m pretty sure it too is luck…and so on…

Last Updated ( Monday, 09 March 2009 13:51 )
Great Fantasy Sports Team Names
Written by Jordan Bragg

Some fantasy baseball leagues are won and lost before the first player is drafted. This is because of an oft-neglected element of fantasy team building that (unless you’re playing for a lot of money) is just as important as home runs, wins and losses. That element is of course, team name selection. Even if you come in last place because you made Antonio Bastardo your first round draft pick, a clever name for your team can still make you the class of your league. When it comes down to it, fantasy baseball is about outsmarting your friends and co-workers (and maybe having fun, I guess) - a clever team name is just one more element to that.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 08 March 2009 15:06 )
What to do with AROD ?
Written by Randy Marquis
Reports from Tampa indicate Alex Rodriguez will attempt to play this season with a torn labrum in his hip. If he opts for surgery, recovery could take from six weeks to four months depending on your source.

For those who have already drafted or are in keeper formats and are the proud owners of A-Rod, all you can do at this stage is rub the nearest rabbit’s foot and hope that he can avoid surgery until after the season. Even at 75%, A-Rod should still compile numbers to keep him among the top players at the third base position.
Last Updated ( Sunday, 08 March 2009 15:05 )
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